Unit 1 English 10 - word formation. Help me!!!

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Supply the correct form of the word in brackets:
1/ There's not much in the way of (entertain) _______ in this town - just the cinema and a couple of pubs.
2/ Six rugby (nation) _______ (= players) were charged with taking drugs to improve their performance.
3/ There's very little (communicate) _______ between mother and daughter (= they do not have a good relationship).
4/ Chris, you're a nurse, so can I ask your (profession) opinion on bandaging ankles?
5/ She seemed (relax) _______ and in control of the situation.
6/ You're not dressed (warm) _______ enough - put a sweater on.
7/ They briskly exchanged (greet) _______ before starting the session.
8/ “Would you get involved in a fight?” “It would depend on the (situate) _______.”
9/ I must say I find his (school) _______ humor rather tiresome.
10/ I gave her a good (talk) _______-to about doing her homework on time.
11/ You can't work (continue) _______ for six hours without a break!
12/ Have you got anything (break) _______ in your bag?
13/ What do you call a young person who is about to leave or has just left secondary school? – A (school) _______.
14/ (Immediate) _______ she'd gone, the boys started to mess about.
15/ The company had to make (repair) _______ to those who suffered ill health as a result of chemical pollution.
16/ She was a (study) _______ child, happiest when reading.
17/ There were lots of kids in my (neighbor) _______ when I was growing up.

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