Kiến Thức UEFA Champions League - Match Prediction: AZ Alkmaar VS FC Viktoria Plzen


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UEFA Champions League - Match Prediction: AZ Alkmaar VS FC Viktoria Plzen
Viktoria Plzen
There has been 40 matches played by best free soccer prediction Viktoria Plzen in the last year. They have 29 wins; 7 draws; and 4 losses. Therefore, in percentage terms, they have won 72%, drawn 17%, and lost 10% of their recent matches.In this period, they have an average of 2.23 goals for, and 0.68 goals against.Specifically on their recent away record, they have a win rate of 61% (13 wins) in their 21 away fixtures. 23% (5) Of these games away from home have been a draw, with the remaining 14% (3) ending in a loss when they are the away team.On average they have scored 1.95 times when playing away in this last year and they have conceded 0.81.They are averaging 1.6 goals per game in their most recent ten matches; 7 of these matches have been wins. Of those ten matches, 2 of them have seen both sides score. The total number of matches with over 2.5 goals scored is 3 from their last ten.
Betting tip for AZ Alkmaar vs Viktoria Plzen
We have filed the verdict for this match, but it does not feel like the best bet available today. On this occasion there is nothing to get stuck in to in the 1X2 prices. During this one, we are expecting soccer tips of the day to see a game that is likely to have a reasonable number of shots on target. If you're looking to back the Over 2.5, some companies are offering 2.0 in their Over/Under goal line.
AZ Alkmaar VS FC Viktoria Plzen
Prediction: AZ Alkmaar
UEFA Champions League - Match Prediction: AZ Alkmaar VS FC Viktoria Plzen

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